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Madonna reaches for microwave in elevated ilevel power wheelchair from Quantum Rehab photo
Madonna Long tests first accessible NASCAR

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Effectively develops leads for partner websites, advertising, and sponsorships for website inclusion and events. We can improves strategy for public relations by utilizing contacts via local and national organizations and business through our relationships

Our Story

Loops Media is a unique opportunity for your business to network through out contacts and relationships.

Madonna Long has been featured in Quantum Rehab and Pride Mobility Products for over 10 years. She is contracted through them for consulting in advocacy and branding. She works with leaders of the disability community and members of congress for policy though Medicare.

She also works in public relations for transportation companies and political candidates with their community outreach, communications and social media.

Meet the Team

Loops Media Group

Madonna Long CEO

Amy Malmgren CFO

Courtney Frey   Vice President

Madonna Long Woman in Wheelchair

Madonna Long

Founder & CEO


Madonna is a respected and established personality in the disability community who works with disability organizations, leaders and businesses around the United States. She is a National Recognized Consumer Advocate.

She has worked with Quantum ,Pride Mobility Products, Flexciser, VETaxi, MV1, VPG Autos. She is the Founder 360Access.

Specialties: Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, Advocacy, Public Policy.

She has worked with, AAPD (The American Association of People with Disabilities), NCIL (The National Council on Disability),  AUCD )American Universities on Disability), Joyce Bender Consulting LLC, and many more Disability Organizations, Corporations and Public Policy Groups.

Courtney Frey woman

Courtney Frey

Vice President

Courtney Frey is an author, speaker, wife, mother of three grown children and grandmother to two granddaughters. She currently resides in Iowa, has a B.S in psychology, is a birth mother, and is an advocate for mental health and women's issues


Amy Malmgren


We will always love and Cherish our Friendship with Amy. Amy passed away July of 2016

Amy was from Highlands Ranch Colorado with her twin boys Dominic and Devin (both 16). Her eldest Joseph is a Navy Veteran and is currently attending college at Metro State University of Denver.

Amy is a graduate of Metropolitan State University of Denver and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services with a concentration in Non Profit Administration. She is an innovative, educated professional with over twelve years experience in leadership and development in the NGO community with proven skills to drive growth, capitalize on new revenue potential, and achieve organizational objectives. As a consultant with her company she also oversees developments, design, and management of fully integrated disability, advocacy, support, and marketing websites. This includes proper disability media representation for her clients. She's responsible for all design platform modifications, input, and management of partner websites. Amy effectively develops leads for partner websites, advertising, and sponsorships for website inclusion and events. This improves strategy for public relations by utilizing contacts via local, national, and international organizations and business relationships at events as a representative and consultant for Loops Media and its partners.

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